Blade2 2002

Blade2 Blade is looking for Abraham Whistler’s Prague mentor. After being slain and attacked by Deacon Frost, he was believed to be dead. Blade was assaulted and killed by Deacon Frost, was thought to be dead. He is a fan of hip-hop.

Blade is injured by an explosive on his head following a deadly virus that turned vampires into “Reapers”.

If they go to the vampire club, they find out that the Reapers are invulnerable to most of the weaknesses of vampires. Blade as well as Whistler escape using ultraviolet lamps. Nomak is invulnerable to Blade’s weapons. Nyssa then examines the Reapers’ bodies and discovers that they have UV radiation as their weakest spot. Scud, Whistler and Whistler make UV weapons to the group, as well as the team’s own UV emitting weapon that is strong enough to take out the entire nest.

The group grows into the Reaper nest. Lighthammer transforms into a Reaper and takes out Snowman. Verlaine gives her life in order to help Lighthammer. Reinhardt sprays Chupa with the Reaper Phenomine. But the group escapes, and Nyssa is severely wounded. Blade lets Nyssa to drink his blood, allowing her to survive.

Damaskinos is able to capture Blade and Whistler Blade and Whistler, and Scud. Blade believes that he is not fit to be a candidate since Blade is unable to see the light. Scud then discovers that Blade is one of Damasknos’ acquaintances. Reinhardt escapes Blade by dislodging Whistler from close to dying. Blade is then placed in Damaskinos bloodstream for refuelling his power, and fight Reinhardt.

Nomak is ordered to DamaskinosStronghold by Nomak to take revenge on his father. Nyssa then betrays Damaskinos by securing their escape route towards the Heliport. Damaskinos is then killed by Nomak. Nomak also kills Damaskinos with Blade’s sword. Blade embraces Nyssa as her body starts to degrade because of the rising sun.

Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2


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