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Aadai Kamini is an anchorwoman who is very impulsive, courageous, and is very aware of female feminism. She is shown to have no understanding of the dynamics between freedom and ideology. She was raised by her mother after her father’s passing when she was a child. Kamini’s mother is conservative , and Kamini frequently disagrees with her mother about her beliefs.

She works alongside her friend Jennifer and a few others as a team at the hashtag channel. They have been doing serious pranks on unsuspecting individuals for the past three years. This includes murders and medical emergencies. Kamini’s mother challenges Kamini to be a serious reader each year to ensure she can feel happy. Kamini’s birthday is also the day that is the day that the news channel will be in their current building before moving to a new location in a faraway location. Jennifer will broadcast the last broadcast from the old building as a sad farewell. While Kamini spends time with Jennifer while she is getting ready, Kamini remembers what her mother had to say earlier, and an issue with news reading forms in her mind. Jennifer disappears for 10 minutes prior to the live feed starts. Kamini takes over as the newsreader. Kamini performs well in the news reading and Jennifer has been shown to be able to exit the toilet in the lower level where she was stuck. The company leaves the building, and the empty structure is left unlocked until the weekend.

Kamini celebrates her birthday with her pals at night with drinks and food, as well as magical mushrooms. While on a call with her mom, Kamini unwittingly reveals that she was the one who locked Jennifer to prove her point. Jennifer confronts Kamini to read the news naked, and she confronts her mother. After everyone has a high from the magic mushrooms, Kamini starts her strip.

The next morning, Kamini wakes up to an empty office without clothes or her smartphone. Kamini has lost her clothes and is spending the whole day naked seeking assistance in bizarre ways. She manages to pick up her phone but, as she has no balance which means it’s not possible for her to make incoming calls. She places an order for food through an toll-free number and then sits down. Kamini takes out an iron pipe to slash the delivery guy and obtain his clothes, but she is shocked to meet a delivery girl who then suddenly faints from bleeding. Kamini is then trying to get rid of her clothes but the delivery lady awakes and restrains her. Kamini hits her on the head with the pipe. Then she runs away to the sound of two locals entering the building. The delivery girl gets discovered by the locals who contact the police, believing they have killed her. Kamini runs away from police and they arrive to revive her. Aadai HD

Kamini is alone and locked up in the house, following the police leave. Kamini receives a phone call from a friend who informs her that they were taken into custody by police the previous night since they were high. Before she could speak however, her battery is depleted. Kamini’s mom, however, submits a police report about her daughter’s disappearance at the same police station where her family members are detained at.

To unlock the door Kamini damaged the glass window at the entrance. She injures her arm with the broken glass. Then, after a few attempts, she sets off into the night. She spots a trash bin outside and dogs pursue her until she locates something to cover herself. She rushes back into the building, surrounded by dogs. She falls down and again injures herself on the broken glass . She then locks herself in the toilet . She, feeling hopeless, begins to cry. She recalls her bravery and the promise she made to her mother to get out of the office building without causing any harm to her dignity. She then uses a roll toilet paper to cover her genitals. She exits the building only to find herself in the rain. She sees police tape, and then covers herself in it. Then she begs for help from a passing motorist by offering their raincoat. The man instead hands Kamini a bag filled with her original outfit which leaves her puzzled. The woman puts on the outfit and starts to chase the passerby until they get startled by a passing police vehicle coming through the office building gate. The passerby turns out to be the same delivery girl Kamini had earlier beaten. Then, she reveals that she’s the reason of Kamini’s naked plight. Kamini begins pulling on the girl’s clothes in vengeance and the two begin fighting. Kamini suddenly experiences a flashback.

The delivery girl, Nangeli (played by Ananya Ramaprasad), was an aspirant to the civil service from a tribal community located in the Manjolai Hills and had passed the UPSC preliminary examination two years previously. Her family sent her to Chennai for the UPSC Mains Examination. Kamini was waiting to get an Auto when her friends played a prank geared towards medical professionals on the girl. The prank caused Kamini to skip her exam and wasted her preliminary. Kamini fainted as her mother arrived in Chennai to take the examination the following year. Nobody responded and believed it was just another joke. Nangeli is now a delivery girl, has to prepare for her exam once more. She is able to meet Kamini as she is delivering food to her office.

Resentful, Nangeli took revenge. She was spotted by Kamini, seeing her and her friends enjoying themselves in the empty office building. She hears Kamini telling her friends that she can stay naked inside the building for an entire day. Kamini is seen walking towards the toilet. She then hears her friends leaving to go get additional drinks. Nangeli enters the building and finds Kamini as well as Jennifer asleep in the bathroom. Nangeli contacts Jennifer’s father on Jennifer’s cell phone, asking him to come get her because she’s too drunk to drive home. When Jennifer is taken away Nangeli goes through the office to eliminate all the clutter. She then removes Kamini’s garments before hiding them in an air vent. In the event that Kamini awakes, Nangeli keeps a close watch on her. When Kamini wants food Nangeli flies to the delivery person and pretends that he is the delivery guy.

Before Kamini woke up the next morning, Nangeli gave her blood on a blood donation bus passing by. When she arrives at the office, she pranks Kamini by causing her to faint to see if Kamini is willing to help. However, Kamini hits Kamini on the head. Nangeli exposes how social media has created a dangerous world where photos or even pranks could be fatal, causing Kamini to question if it is her show’s fault that everybody in the world is obsessed with social media. Nangeli points out the fact that anyone should be able to pursue whatever they want, but it shouldn’t be used in a way that harms others. This leads Kamini to regret her decision. Nangeli declares that she doesn’t intend to get revenge on Kamini but she wanted to let her know the extent of her misery. She reveals how she fled from the hospital where Kamini was in order to avoid the pain and get away from the police guards outside. Kamini as a fun-loving woman, she thought would quit the office in a bare-faced manner. She revealed, however, that she’s not shameless. Nangeli is also angry about Kamini’s injuries after getting away from dogs and getting her feet on glass. Kamini accepts Nangeli’s apology, and they part ways. Kamini moves from pranks in public to exposing scandals of politicians in the office with her colleagues. The film shows her as the reason for the demotion and detention of a songwriter who was a politician. Nangeli as the film concludes, is working on her final exams and is working as courier.

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